What can Jarvis do?

In a sentence: make your life easier. Each week, your butler (or Jarvis, as we call them) can handle your laundry and dry-cleaning (and return it the same week), deliver your groceries straight to the fridge, tidy your home (from collecting your mail, cleaning your dishes and making your beds to putting the bins out), post your packages and organise any repairs you need done. Jarvis is also able to organise a range of additional services on your behalf, for example longer, full house cleans, gardening, and any other custom request you might have.

What sort of custom requests can you handle?

Jarvis is all about helping you to do whatever you need to get done. On our app you can put in a request for any custom task you need us to organise for you and we'll send you a quote for approval before that service begins. This service is particularly designed for recurring requests, whether that be cleaning your pool each month or walking your dog each week - all so you can build exactly the right weekly package to match your lifestyle.

So I'm letting you into my home - are you insured if something goes wrong?

We're fully insured for up to $10 million - so you can have the peace of mind to trust us in your home.

What's the difference between a tidy and a full-house clean?

Your house tidy, which is included in your weekly subscription, includes collecting your mail, sweeping floors, doing your dishes, cleaning kitchen surfaces, making your beds, folding your laundry, taking your bins out, generally straightening the house out and a range of other, small tasks.

If you want a more thorough clean, for example vacuuming and bathroom cleaning, we're able to organise a full-house clean for you by partnering you up with one of our trusted cleaning partners. A 2.5 hour fortnightly full-house clean is included in our premium subscription package.

Who is my 'Jarvis' and is it the same person each week?

Your Jarvis is your very own, personal butler. The same Jarvis will visit you each week (unless they're sick or on holiday), meaning the more you use our service, the better they'll get to understand and anticipate you, your needs and your preferences.

We know this is an important relationship, so before your subscription starts you'll have an opportunity to schedule an introductory 'first visit' with your Jarvis - this will be a chance for you to find out more about your Jarvis and about our service, as well as to let them know exactly how you want things to be done.

Who does Jarvis partner up with

We partner with trusted businesses in your local area, from local laundries to cleaners. All our partners are carefully screened to ensure they deliver the best quality at the best price, and we're confident you'll love them!

How and how frequently will I be charged?

We process all payments through Stripe - a fully-secured payments platform that is SSL-encrypted and PCI-DSS compliant.

We start charging you when your weekly service begins (the first visit to meet your Jarvis is on us). We'll charge you for your weekly order (eg. any groceries or dry cleaning you request) at the end of each week, and fortnightly for the subscription cost of our service: for more details see our website.

Is there a Jarvis in my area?

Once you've entered your contact details into the app (including your address), the home screen will automatically tell you whether there's a Jarvis in your area. If there isn't, don't worry - you've been added to our wait list, and you'll be the first to know when we land in your area!

To speed this up, if you have four other interested friends living near you, let them know about us and sign up too - we'll arrive faster, and to say thank you you'll all get a free week of service.