How much does
Cost you
You pay for a weekly subscription to Jarvis for us to provide you with your own butler and handle your chores. At the end of the week we’ll then charge you for your weekly order - all the goods and services, like groceries and laundry, that you’ve ordered that week.
A bell
Take your
weekly subscription
1 Visit per week
2 Visits per week
2 Visits per week
A billboard
And your
weekly order
Some laundry
2 kg of laundry $7.00
Some groceries
2L of fresh milk $2.00
Equals your
total Jarvis cost
Step one. Choose the subscription that suits you
Choose the subscription that matches your lifestyle needs. Whether you need us to help out with the laundry and groceries every now and again or fully manage your home, Jarvis has your back.
$35 per week
1 visit per week
Includes a one-hour, fully customised tidy, for example:
Vacuuming and mopping
Taking the bins out
Making the beds
Washing the dishes
$70 per week
2 visits per week
Includes two one-hour, fully customised tidies each week
$95 per week
2 visits per week
Includes three one-hour tidies and a 2.5-hour full-house clean each fortnight
Weekly Errands
Get your out-of-house errands handled for an extra $22 per week, including:
Laundry washed and folded
Dry cleaning returned to your cupboard
Groceries delivered into your fridge
Packages shipped
Step two. Place your weekly order
You only pay for the services you actually use and goods you order, giving you freedom to build the service you need. You pay exactly the same price as you would if you ordered the goods or services yourself - there are no mark-ups or hidden fees.
We partner with the best local laundries in your area to wash and fold your clothing. Prices vary depending on region depending on your laundry's rates.
We source from leading supermarkets to provide you with the best and freshest products - straight to your fridge. Prices are what you'd pay for goods off the shelf.
Dry Cleaning
Our dry cleaning partners cater to all requests - from removing stains to preparing for that wedding. Prices depend on the item of clothing.
We use Australia Post to package and deliver your mail. Prices vary depending on the package itself, destination and required speed of shipping.