Meet Jarvis:
your very own personal butler

Jarvis comes to your home each week to handle all your chores - from grocery shopping and cleaning to laundry and dry cleaning. And all controlled at your fingertips.

Find Your Jarvis
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You instruct

Life is too short for chores.
Tell us how we can make your life easier.

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We deliver

Your personal Jarvis will look after
all your requests exactly the way you like.

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You relax

You come home happy.
How will you use your extra free time?

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Let Jarvis make your life easier.

We do whatever you need

A bag of groceries


Delivered straight from your shopping list and into the fridge.

A washing machine


Washed, folded and returned to your cupboard in the same week.

Some packages


Shipped and delivered on your behalf to anywhere in the world.

Some clean shirts

Dry Cleaning

Any garment dry cleaned to your liking, as often as needed

Some cleaning products

Home Cleaning

Let your house shine with weekly tidies and full-house cleans as required

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Custom Service

Need something more? We can do that too - from dog walking to pool cleaning!

... because coming home should be the best part of your day

Get Jarvis

There's nothing better than coming back to the home I want: everything tidied, my groceries already in the fridge and my laundry done and neatly folded away. What I love most is that I hardly have to think about it - I just enter my preferences and Jarvis gets it done.

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Jarvis has given me my time back . I can now do things I actually enjoy, like having brunch with the girls or spending time with family, without thinking about the laundry, groceries or when to call the cleaner. Thank you Jarvis!

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I love that Jarvis coordinates all my chores for me. In the past, I'd have to call up separate companies for cleaning, laundry, gardening and grocery-delivery. Now, the team at Jarvis organises everything for me. Definitely makes life easier!

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To tell you the truth, I'd rather spend two hours building a model estimating the time it takes to fold a basket of laundry than fifteen minutes to actually do it. Now, thankfully, Jarvis takes care of it for me and I've got that many more hours in the day.

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The best part of Jarvis is that everything happens without me thinking about anything - I just enter all my chores, my credit card is automatically charged every week or so, and things just get done!

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At your fingertips: a remote control for your errands

A phone running the Jarvis user app


Just enter your to-do list into our app, and your Jarvis will handle the rest. So you can do your chores from the beach.


Got a unique request? Have a particular way you want tasks done? Use our app to build the service that matches your needs.


Set your tasks once and you're on autopilot. Unless changed, your tasks will carry through each week - so things get done without you worrying about them.

Build a Jarvis package that matches your lifestyle.

Get Started

Who is Jarvis?

Your Jarvis is your very own, personal butler who will handle all your chores around the home. You will be assigned the same Jarvis each week - this means that the more you use the service, the better it will get as your Jarvis learns to understand and anticipate your needs.

Each Jarvis undergoes a rigorous interview and training process to ensure that they meet Jarvis standards and the standards our clients expect. They are carefully screened, including through a range of background and police checks, and are fully insured for any damage caused in your home.

Any questions?

What can Jarvis do?

In a sentence: make your life easier. Each week, your butler can handle your laundry and dry-cleaning, deliver your groceries straight to the fridge, tidy your home... Read on

So I'm letting you into my home - are you insured if something goes wrong?

We're fully insured up to $10 million - so you can have the peace of mind to trust us in your home... Read on

What sort of custom requests can you handle?

Jarvis is all about helping you to do whatever you need to get done. On our app you can put in a request for any custom task ... Read on

Sounds good! How do I get started?

Choose the plan you want, create an account on our app and organise a time for your introductory visit with your Jarvis - it's that easy! ... Read on

More Questions?

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